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Once I had gutted this modern marvel of electrical engineering and replaced every stitch of copper, I began the diagnosing the problems. First up was making sure voltage was making its way to the plugs. I quickly realized everything is leading to the distributor. So I pull it off and take a closer look. First thing was the coil was shot. So I replace it. Still no spark to the plugs.. Ooook.. So I check resistance through the points.. Yep got resistance.. Crank again.. No spark.. WTF..!?!.. So I pull the dizzy and partial harness and start doing a bench test with a power supply.. FYI these tractors when converted to 12 volt system and the original style coil is used you have to add an additional ballast resistor to the system so that the coil still sees roughly 3.5 volts. Yeah I know it doesnt make sense and yes there is an easier way and more efficient way to get a better spark but due to money and trying to save the m-n-l money on parts I decided to keep it simple. After multiple tests I finally figured out 1. the jumper wire going from the condenser and coil primary to the points was missing. Added that back.. Still no spark. At this point I starting to second guess how smart I's is and those ole backyard engineers were no smarter than me.. Finally I thought maybe the contacts were glazed.. Then bingo.

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