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You are correct it did run at one time after the 12v conversion. I cant tell you 100% what the issue was originally that caused it to stop running but I know the plugs, points, coil, wires, volt reg (twice might I add) and ignition switch were replaced during the initial not starting episode.. Now.... Since I have started working on it; I have had to replace the coil and add back the jumper on the points which either fell off during replacement or was broken and removed and not replaced.. Next on the docket is I am going to have to order a carb kit as the needle and seat are trash as I noticed fuel puddling in the throttle throat this morning from sitting, straightening out the alternator bracket setup as it is derpy position has it where it can not be adjusted and its forward and tilted downward.

Things left to do are rebuild the carb, clean the fuel tank, "tweak" the exhaust as the muffler comes into contact with the left rear brake lever, figure out how to delete the optional quick removing shifter handle and check and adjust the brakes. Oh and replace and rewire all the light bulbs as when the 12v conversion was done they decided to just cut the ends off the wiring and leave it hanging.. Im telling ya this thing was not taken care of properly.. I have to keep telling myself that I am not restoring it but just making it safe and dependable.. I have already told the m-n-l it better not get in this shape again.

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