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Got a late start on the tractor tonight due to setting up the next 2 projects that will soon become threads here but that is for another day.. I got to crackin' on the manifold and carb as the gaskets came in last night. After draining the radiator and pulling the alternator off AAAAGain I am ready to drop the exhaust... Wait.. What tha...??!!!??.. Why is there hose clamps around the flange clamp.. I slide them down and I see that the "engineers of Defeated Creek" have schooled me yet again on how to repair a broken exhaust clamp.

I get the pipe off the man and start with the nuts which are on studs.. Something is very perplexing to me at this point. The nuts are brass and I guess have been installed multiple times and are barely tight.. Slide the assembly off and sure enough the #4 cylinder was leaking and to beat all someone had definitely been in there previously. Hopefully tomorrow Ill have this thing back together and running again..
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