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Old Yesterday, 03:12 PM
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----My 1st headliner install was not good. I was doing an El Camino and when I used the heat gun to get rid of a few minor wrinkles I promptly blew a hole in the headliner.......Bill S
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Looks great Dave - can't wait to see it in November.
Jake Dykstra

Dykstra Motorsports
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Iím doing a headliner tomorrow...wish you lived on my block!!!! Nice work as usual.
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Just watched a new episode of Jay Leno's Garage where he got to drive the original Bulitt Mustang. The owner was there and told the story of how his father came to own the car and what he paid for it back in 1974.
Pretty cool story; Dave you're doing an AMAZING job with yours. Thanks for taking the time to bring us along for the ride.
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