Anyone interested in the a genuine purchased from Motion 1969 Camaro Phase III rear wing which has never been installed. This is the Motion only 3-post style which is not a variation of an Oldsmobile wing as some magazines have stated. Original receipt and box included with the sale and also has the mounting hardware. Throw it on a car or display in your garage. The pic below is only one I have on my computer at this time, will get more if there is genuine interest to purchase. Asking $1500/offer...less than you would pay buying it directly from Joel if he will sell you one.
May be able to deliver to the Supercar Reunion. PM, email or call 920-901-5108. All proceeds of any sale go to my COPO fund...well most anyways, the rest go to my beer fund. beers

I don't think it was coincidence that the Great Depression happened during Prohibition...