February 2004 Feature car:

Frank and Caleb Arone's 1969 COPO Camaro


Engine (factory): L-72 427ci/425hp
Transmission (factory): 4-speed
Rear (factory): 4.10 posi
Factory options: COPO 9561
Exterior color: Le Mans blue
Interior color: White

     Frank and Caleb Arone of Homer City, PA, own this spectacular 1969 COPO Camaro. Frank was in the market for a '69 Z/28 and had located one from board member Charlie Lillard. Soon afterward, the 427 bug bit hard and Frank was
looking for a COPO Camaro. A phone call came from board member Ken Pascoe to the Super Car Workshop, and Ken mentioned he was thinking about selling his COPO. A call to Frank was made and a trip to NY was on. The car was disassembled but was very complete. It looked more like a flea market than a car but everything was there, from radiator to BE rear. 


    The car was sold new at Konner Chevrolet in Columbus, Ohio, and had only seen 13,000 miles.  It didn't hurt that the car was the color combination that Frank was looking for, Lemans Blue with a white standard interior. A deal was struck for the car and it was loaded piece by piece into the trailer for the trip to PA. Frank is a master body and paint man and the owner of Arone Auto Body. His skills are showcased in this car. Frank also had Brian and Joe at Super Car Workshop get involved with the restoration. Frank handled the paint and Super Car Workshop oversaw the restoration. The teaming up of these two shops along with Franks son Caleb helped get the car done on schedule. The car was shown at SCR6 and was a popular car with the crowd. Next for Frank is son Caleb's 3900 mile Byrnes Brothers COPO Camaro that is Daytona Yellow with black top and interior. If all goes well it will be at SCR7. Caleb is doing most of the work on his car with the watchful eye of his Dad and Super Car Workshop pitching in. It will be a great moment at SCR7 if the car is finished for Caleb, he is only 12 years old!

(Written by: Brian Henderson)

(sYc-special thanks to Frank Arone, Brian Henderson and Jeff Murphy for the pictures and info)

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