View Full Version : RIP Kimbo Slice

06-07-2016, 10:08 PM
2016 just keeps on taking. Granted most people have an opinion negative on him but he was old for a fighter but still had some life left in him. He was only 42 years old ..

06-08-2016, 12:31 AM
It's too bad...he might have done ok at Bellator. Couple years ago, we lost Shane del Rosario. Same thing, heart failure. Just 30 years old. His first lost was to the now UFC heavy weight champ Stipe Miocic from Cleveland. Shane was 11-0 going into that fight a year before he passed. Nicest guy in the world.

06-08-2016, 03:27 PM
I've read that Kimbo was one of the nicest guys you could have met which is contradictory to what most people think of a street fighter/MMA guy, and that he was a big family man. Also, heard he was on the list for a heart transplant but passed before he got it, obviously. May Jesus give his soul rest and his family comfort.

06-08-2016, 05:29 PM
I didn't realize how humble and down to earth he was until the documentary just before his DADA 5000 fight. He kept repeating that he didn't deserve the fame and how him and his brother used to sleep in a van in a church parking lot. He spent more time in tears in the doc. than smiling. It's a flat out shame he was way to young. He was only 2 years older than me.