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11-24-2016, 07:53 PM
Today I attended the funeral of Jan-Olof Olsson, whom I got to know through my interest in American cars. It was my desire to find Nova owners in the area that first put me in touch with Claes, and “Jolo” was a friend of him. I guess this all happened thirty years ago.
I normally wouldn´t write about people over here since you guys don´t know them. But a long time friend of “Jolo” , Rolf Åström living in Washington State, wrote this obituary. And since I like it very much I just want to share it with you.



11-24-2016, 08:44 PM
Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend Jolo, Anders...Looked like a really cool guy with a great sense of humor. I love the part of the obituary where they were sitting out by the street <<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/smile.gif

11-24-2016, 10:08 PM

Sad news but thanks for sharing this Anders, prayers and condolences to Jolo's family and friends.
Really great tribute, a real car guy who passed away doing what he loved.
RIP Jolo.

~ Pete

11-26-2016, 11:29 AM
Yes Bruce, the answer &quot;We are listening to V8 cars&quot; put a big smile on my face despite all the sadness.
What is really heartbreaking is that Jolo lost his wife less than two years ago. So now their kids, age from around 20 to 25, are now without parents.