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Chevy454 12-01-2005 07:39 PM

December '05 Feature Car
<p align="center"><font size="6" color="#000000">December 2005 Feature Car:</font></p><p align="center"><font size="5" color="#000000">George Lyons' 1969 COPO Chevelle</font></p><p align="center"><font color="#000000"><span style="background-color: #000000"></span></font></p><table width="100%" border="0"><tbody><tr><td align="middle" width="100%"><p align="center"><font size="4" color="#000000">SPECS:</font></p></td></tr></tbody></table><table borderColor="#000000" height="150" width="100%" border="0"><tbody><tr><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">Engine (factory):</font></td><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">L72 427/425hp</font></td></tr> <tr><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">Trans (factory):</font></td><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">THM400 automatic</font></td></tr> <tr><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">Rear (factory):</font></td><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">4.10 posi</font></td></tr> <tr><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">Exterior color:</font></td><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">Daytona Yellow</font></td></tr><tr><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">Interior color:</font></td><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">Standard Black</font></td></tr><tr><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">Selling Dealer:</font></td><td vAlign="top" align="center" width="50%" height="21"><font size="3" color="#000000">Westminster Motor Co. - Westminster, MD</font></td></tr></tbody></table>

I first learned of the existance of this particular car about 1990 from my good friend, Ken Heckert of York Pa. Ken has been my next spot neighbor at Spring and Fall Carlisle for 30 years and old stories and good times at Carlisle and judging for a decade at Bloomington with Ken and our greatly missed buddy Chip Miller could fill a book.

Long ago Ken told me of a Daytona Yellow 427 '69 Chevelle, Automatic, no radio, gauges, buckets and console that was sold new just south of his home across the Maryland state line. While Ken is mainly a Blue Oval guy, he surely recognized the rarity and signifigance of this car. Ken and others from that area remember this car from new as being sold by Westminster Motor Co. in Westminster, Maryland. Apparently they sold three COPO Chevelles, all three coming in around the same time and this car was different from the beginning in that it showed up with the Malibu trim and Silver lower paint, not something the original owner desired and furthermore not on the other cars that came to Westminster. The other two were a Dusk Blue car and another special paint car, a Riviera Gold car/White vinyl top/White interior (today the Lemans Blue COPO restored and color changed by Randy Miller in the early nineties). These other two did not have the Malibu trim or Silver lower body. My car never left the Center South Pa/Northern Maryland area when it did change hands a few times. The second owner I am told drag raced the car, mostly at York US30 Dragway, basically stock but for headers and a 4:56 rear and the car had a small rose painted on the right rear corner of the deck lid with the name "The Yellow Rose". It seems the car was always cared for, never hurt or modified and never driven in any inclement weather evidenced by the totally rust free, virtually perfect body I found after media-blasting.

Ken first bought the car in 1984, sold it to a friend/employee and bought it back a few years later. He tells me when he had it the first time it was mostly all original paint and reasonably nice but when he got it back it had an overall repaint, a shade off the original yellow, but still retaining the original motor, trans and rear and just how it was when I got it. After years of telling Ken of my sincere interest in the car I finally got the call in 2002 that the time was right as Ken going to sell a few of his cars. He priced it, I paid it and back home to Erie we came. I never saw all the great paperwork until I picked up the car and was thrilled with everything about our deal. Still the best surprise was my first drive about a week later on Cruise night.........this is one runnin' SOB, seemingly much faster than other 427-425 cars I own or had in the past. Don't ask me, just like the old days, this one just gets it done.

I enjoyed the car as it was for a year, assembled a few things I would need (smog, exhaust manifolds, NOS trim) and started with my good friends at Bob Ore Restoration here in Erie to give this car the restoration it deserved. An easy car to do, no rust, no damage, all matching drivetrain and componentry, the restoration went off without a hitch. Except for carpet and a rear shelf we did absolutely nothing to the interior except some cleaning. The car came out great and my decision to consign and sell it at Barrett-Jackson comes with some remorse but other projects and too many cars made it the right decision, I guess. It is probably a good thing I consigned it long before I saw the finished product. It's a stunner and the Malibu look is a real trip and super rare, but a few others have this I'm told. Presently I'm detailing and playing with the car, putting together a display board for my documentation and photos and planning the car to be my centerpiece at my annual Garage Christmas Party here in Erie. After that, off to Arizona we go in January and there we shall see if "The Yellow Rose" can find a new owner, surely no prouder than I am of this awesome car.

Special Thanks to my longtime good buddy Ken Heckert and Gary Slurkanich from Ore Restorations for all the extra effort he always puts in. [write-up courtesy George Lyons]

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Mr70 12-01-2005 08:05 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
I would attend the B/J auction,just to see this Chevelle alone.

370454s 12-01-2005 08:22 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
That is One Sweet Chevelle. Love the Malibu Trim. I bet it suprised alot of Folk in the day.

Z-11 396 12-01-2005 09:16 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Geroge, you have one Fantastic car, a great story as well, thanks for sharing, your one lucky guy......Kasey

MosportGreen66 12-01-2005 09:53 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
I said it once, I'l say it again...
A 427 Malibu... WOW!

Postsedan 12-01-2005 09:59 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car

Stunning! Daytona Yellow is sharp.


ORIGLS6 12-01-2005 10:12 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
If you love the obscure (and I DO!), this car is perfect!

Bucket seat, console shifted, Automatic Malibu ....... with a <font color="red">427 </font>....... and in <font color="yellow">YELLOW </font>!!!!!!


PeteLeathersac 12-01-2005 10:25 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Wows the word on these COPO Chevelles!!! . Beautiful piece and I'm sure it'll be a tough one to let go! . Where all Chevelle Copos produced as hardtops or was there any post cars? ~ Pete

Xplantdad 12-01-2005 11:47 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
I would attend the B/J auction,just to see this Chevelle alone.

[/ QUOTE ]

I agree Rick...

I will be there and take a bunch of pictures. It will be nice to meet up with George.

Awesome car..thanks for sharing it with us.

Chevy454 12-02-2005 12:01 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
This car gives me, umm, goosebumps, yeah, that's it...pert-near my *ideal* car...

Stuart Adams 12-02-2005 12:05 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Beautiful. What day and time does it go on the block?

Stuart Adams 12-02-2005 12:22 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Got that Charley yellow....

GeorgeLyons 12-02-2005 01:26 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Hello guys, Thanks for the comments. The car crosses the block at Barrett-Jackson on Friday night, Car # 1013.1, my guess on time about 8-8:30 PM. It will surely be interesting.

Stuart Adams 12-02-2005 01:40 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Cool, that is about the time my old yellow camaro goes off also, should be exciting.

Xplantdad 12-02-2005 02:43 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Cool, that is about the time my old yellow camaro goes off also, should be exciting.

[/ QUOTE ]

Stu, Are you talking about your bad ass pro touring Camaro?

Stuart Adams 12-02-2005 03:07 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Yeah, I sold it to the local Chevy Dealer here and he is sending it through the auction.
Having another one built now, ready Nov. 06.
Hopefully we can hook up at BJ, I'll try and let you know my schedule as it gets closer.

Xplantdad 12-02-2005 04:38 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Very still have my info, right?

Stuart Adams 12-02-2005 04:52 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Yep. The man with 2 cell phones!!

Xplantdad 12-02-2005 04:53 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car

Includes the "ever on" work phone...

Alss 12-02-2005 03:54 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
George, car is drop dead gorgeous!! Good luck at BJ.


markjohnson 12-02-2005 06:37 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
It is strange with the lower silver accenting and at first I really didn't like it. But after looking at those photos a couple times now, I have to say it's really starting to grow on me. It's almost like the car was an assembly line mistake. A low option radio delete car with lower body trim accenting is very unusual. Anyone ever heard or seen another COPO with the silver lower body or is this car one-of-one.

GeorgeLyons 12-02-2005 07:54 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Mark, what I have learned owning this car is that there were a "few" cars like this. One car is the Black COPO that Greg Joseph/Otis Chandler had on the west coast a couple years back, car got sold but still out west I hear. Another car I know of in the Midwest (Garnet Red)that a good friend of mine has been trying to buy. It does not seem to be anything you could or could not specify, I guess kind of a mistake. Like you, I did not at first like it, actually thought of grinding off all the button head rivets and welding up the Malibu emblem holes, but knew that would be just plain WRONG and did the car as it should be/was. I now look at and love it and appreciate the rarity. I just wish it had painted yellow wheels and little caps. (almost did that just to see it) How cool would that have been ????

68l30 12-02-2005 08:23 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Love the combo... Looks like a cute cream puff,a true sleeper all the way!


Belair62 12-02-2005 09:07 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Absolutely beautiful George !

mhassett 12-04-2005 05:02 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
George, VERY NICE--can't wait to see it in person this coming weekend!!!

camarojoe 12-04-2005 05:15 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Neat car, the Malibu trim is very intriguing to me... I notice it has both the SS style wheel lip moldings as well as the lower Malibu style side trim... Does the buildsheet show both sets of moldings? I didn't even know wheel lip moldings fit when used in conjunction with the lower side trim. Unique setup for sure.

12bolt 12-04-2005 09:31 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Pretty Car. Westminster is a great little Town as well. I am sure it was a Blast in 1969 to be running around down there with this Car! The next owner will be a Happy Man I am sure!!

GeorgeLyons 12-05-2005 05:08 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Original owner claims to have photos of the car from '69, trying to get him to take the time to look. He clearly remembers his car having the slver Malibu paint being different than the others but cant recall w/o mouldings for sure. They were always on car when Heckert owned it, they looked about right amount of chipping for the miles, I put them back (NOS) based on car being known so far back. No interferance with side trim, I believe a Concours sedan had both mouldings also. If I get these old pictures that would clear it up, a small issue I guess.

JoeG 12-06-2005 05:30 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car Nice Job on those exhaust extensions--

GeorgeLyons 12-06-2005 09:11 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Thank You, I may run a couple more sets. I will post on the Restoration link if I do, after first of the year. They are difficult and expensive to do but super slick and a dead on repo, indetectable from an orig set.

Mr70 12-06-2005 09:26 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Those really are a nice accent.
I've seen a few of those sets made in the past by some home grown restorers.
Their results are Very Good!
They take the Current repop tips.Remove the Chrome plating.
Bend &amp; Weld round steel stock around the exit area to replicate the original design that was actually a rolled over lip.Clean up the area &amp; Grind the weld flush to the extension tip body.Then have them polished &amp; re-plated.
Finding real ones is so hard,this makes sense today.

ORIGLS6 12-07-2005 01:06 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
If I recall correctly, wasn't Eric Gardner looking for an NOS tip to reproduce a couple of years ago? Maybe the process wasn't cost effective.

GeorgeLyons 12-07-2005 08:12 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
My local guy that did the work on these originally has converted a couple sets for Gardner. He sent him the tips and he handled the chrome plating. They are really nice and catch your eye on the car.

Alss 12-09-2005 04:51 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
What was the production timeframe for the rolled tip??and when were they phased out by the non-rolled tip? It seems that so few cars have them today and the ones that do seem to have a wide range of build dates. I think they are way cool and would love a set on my car but with a 07B build I think its too late


Stuart Adams 12-09-2005 06:32 AM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Put em on anyway. They really look nice, IMO.

GeorgeLyons 12-09-2005 06:18 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
When I first got into this years ago I tried to figure out the time frame these things were used and could never sort it out, seems like they were on a car or two just about anytime during production. Very confusing. Some very early cars you would have thought would have them, seem to not have had the rolled tips. Old wives tale was chambered cars got truth to that I can verify. They look great and "could" be correct on any '69 as I see it so go with them if you like the look. I WECOME ANYONE WHO KNOWS MORE ABOUT THESE TIPS. I have talked about them for many years, laid a set on my table at Carlisle many times and nobody seems to really know the deal with these things. One guy swears his '70 SS454 Monte Carlo had 'em new. Only ever heard that once, very strange. Talked to two people that clearly knew what they were, had '69SS cars and both said the lower lip edge rusted out in a year or two from new. I have NEVER seen a single NOS one, anybody else here ever found one ?

Mr70 12-09-2005 06:28 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Mark Meekins had a set of two NOS Originals for sale in 1998.
Showed a picture of them in The Chevelle Report.
I bought them for a local who had a Lemans Blue 1969 POST SS396 Chevelle at the same time.He installed them on his car,and threw their boxes away,then sold the car for pennies in disgust.(another story)
I am all for putting REAL parts on a car,but in his particular situation,I think I would have held onto those tips &amp; boxes as collectors items alone.

ORIGLS6 12-09-2005 07:04 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
I put a set of the rolled tips on my '68 Chevelle, after modifying the tailpipes to exit at the '69 location. They only lasted about a year and were rusted through at the bottom. Probably why the 'new design' came into play. When you consider the number of plants building Chevelles and the probable uneven supply chain to the individual plants, isn't it possible certain plants' supply of these tips lasted longer than other plants?
BTW, I NEVER saw rolled edge tips on ANY '70 vehicle; Chevelle or Monte! ( oh, I just used the dreaded 'Never' word! Here we go again!

I agree Al, if you have the rolled edge tips, USE 'EM! They're just too cool!

bad1racing 12-10-2005 05:32 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car
Dennis,Wouldn't a Monte Carlo SS454 be considered a super car?It came down the same line as the Chevelles.Pretty close to the same weight as a Chevelle w/454CI.Probably a major topic before that I haven't looked up.


ORIGLS6 12-13-2005 08:58 PM

Re: December '05 Feature Car

Yes, this has been discussed before..... a number of times. An SS 454 Monte is no more a Supercar than an LS-6 Chevelle. These cars were available to the general public under RPO's. By generally accepted definitions, both here and other sites, the term 'Supercar' indicates a vehicle produced under the COPO program or a transplant handled by one of the few High Performance Dealers around the country such as Yenko, Nickey, Dana, Baldwin, Gibb and their Associates like Dick Harrell and Motion Performance. (Of course, we're talking Chevrolet here. Ford and Mopar had their own versions; Shelby, Tasca, Mr. Norm...,etc.)

As we've said before; they're Super Cars, just not SUPERCARS. It's constantly discussed and sometimes even challenged, but the "General Acceptance" is above.

Now would someone please add a legal disclaimer to my ramblings?

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