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John 11-03-2018 03:01 PM

1969 Dickie Harrell - ZL-1 Camaro - #15 of 69

Here is a very neat car I am sure you all would like to own :biggthumpup:

It will be at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee , Florida in Jan. 2019 :flag:

olredalert 11-04-2018 03:59 PM

----This ZL1 may give us a better idea what they are worth.....Bill S

kwhizz 11-06-2018 12:19 AM

Don't want to get involved in any controversy...…… But...….Lets just say Buyer beware....Back in the mid 2000's I was down in Kissimmee for the Nova Mini-Nats and ended up talking to a person that had just rebuilt a ZL 1 engine..... after talking for a while I was told that the original #15 car was pretty much destroyed and the new owner had removed all the hidden Vin #'s and had them welded into another body.....This person told me that the welding was non detectable from either side...… So....Just say'in if you are interested do your Home work....


Charley Lillard 11-06-2018 12:33 AM

I remember you relaying that story to me. As I recall it wasn't clear to me if the shop doing the work was doing the rebody with the owners knowledge. I think I even mentioned it somewhere and heard from the owner and I relayed what you had told me. If the # sections were hammer welded in properly you would not be able to tell unless you stripped paint off and looked at the raw grain of the sheetmetal.

William 11-06-2018 02:12 PM

There are other 'tells' to look for on a suspected re-body.

Jonesy 11-06-2018 11:49 PM

Im sure its my monitor, but that color doesnt look quite right to be Cortez Silver.

John 11-07-2018 11:52 AM

Has anyone ever inspected this car ?


PeteLeathersac 11-07-2018 12:21 PM


Subject VIN 124379N609372
Not doubt a shame if a rebody but w:no:w if it happened w/o the owner's knowledge.
~ Pete


Charley Lillard 11-07-2018 02:13 PM

"Restored back to original condition using GM parts or restored NOS parts"
That is similar language to what was used when the other rebodied ZL1 was sold at Barrett-Jackson. Seems to be the new way of disclosure of a rebody. They did use a GM body. I'm just not sure how much it matters anymore.

DW31S 11-07-2018 04:45 PM

I think it would matter if you can prove it’s NOT a rebody. The real question is pricing; the column shift auto stalled in the high threes, so where will this one go???

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