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WILMASBOYL78 11-11-2015 11:09 PM

1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips
For sale: 1968 L78 Nova. Complete <span style="font-weight: bold">born with driveline with POP</span>. Sequoia Green with Ivy Gold cloth bench seat interior. 1 of 167 produced with the M22 transmission.
12 bolt 3.55 posi rear. Very solid dry Midwest body...NOS GM quarters installed many years ago. I have a ton of NOS and rare original parts [too much to list]..also have a 'complete' 6,000 mile interior out of a granny Nova...showroom condition.

Car is in primer...needs finish work and paint.

If you remember Jason Hale's Sequoia Green 68...this is the same color. Jason helped me go thru the car awhile back and we took detailed photos and sorted out all the original parts...he was a great help [img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/worship.gif[/img]

I have never seen another 68 4 speed L78 Nova with the factory driveline and paperwork...I'm sure one is out there, but I've never seen it....Sold new at Bill Campbell Chevy in Alliance, Nebraska. The original owner still lives at the same address as the POP.

I have a great collection of photos, extensive list of parts and information available for serious buyers...please call or email. Asking $65,000

Tom Williams 518-821-6406

mockingbird812 11-12-2015 12:45 AM

Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips
That'll be one rare and wicked ride. Great color combo! GLWS! [img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/biggthumpup.gif[/img]

MailOrderMotion 11-12-2015 02:54 AM

Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips
I never dreamed I'd run across a car from my hometown of Alliance Nebraska on this board. In fact, I was just given some items from this dealership that came from my Grandparents. Alliance is in the middle of the panhandle and on the western edge of the sandhills. Ranchers to the East, Farm boys to the West and railroaders in town. All with nothing to do or to spend their money on other than cars. Lots of horsepower out there. The Mopar dealer even sold a couple of Hemi cars.

Good luck with the sale !

MailOrderMotion 11-15-2015 02:24 AM

Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips

WILMASBOYL78 11-15-2015 02:13 PM

Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips
[img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/beers.gif[/img] [img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/biggthumpup.gif[/img] [img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/flag.gif[/img]

WILMASBOYL78 11-15-2015 08:50 PM

Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips
Had a few inquiries on the car...we went to shop to snap a few photos...

here are some of the parts that are included:

born with engine//trans/rear
170 distributor
814 alternator
4053 carb [eric rebuild]
all the correct deep groove pulleys
correct starter &amp; water pump
dated smog manifolds
restored fuel pump
163 intake
5 XF wheels [definitely gold chicken lips]
Tons of hardware, bolts, misc stuff.
complete set of front and rear stainless
correct am radio
beautiful dash bezel/speedo
NOS grill
NOS SS Tailpanel
NOS 396 foil badges
mint bumpers
dated jack assembly
heater box/cover
correct Harrison 3 core radiator [dated June/68 w/tag, original core and top rail]
mint BB core support
complete 6,000 mile interior...MINT

WILMASBOYL78 11-23-2015 05:26 PM

Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 2MQ</div><div class="ubbcode-body">

Dave...thanks for the first aid kit....nice addition. [img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/beers.gif[/img]


deuce-less 12-01-2015 11:04 PM

Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips
I wonder how long it would take Ken to get er done.......

WILMASBOYL78 05-02-2016 12:32 PM

Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips
Update 4/30/16...with a little help from Jason Hale the nose is back on the car. We sorted out the parts again to get things better organized. I spoke to the former owner recently and he refreshed my memory on a few of the details on the car. [it has an interesting history [img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/rolleyes.gif[/img]] The car will be moved soon to the main shop for ease of access...engine is headed to the machine shop for a 'tech check' and dyno run...M22 tranny has been gone thru and has a clean bill of health.

I will prepare another photo shoot with all the parts, 6k mile interior and paperwork, stampings, etc. If you know someone who wants a rare car...this is it. 1 of 167 1968 L78 Novas that were equipped with an M22.

More to follow..thanks

firstgenaddict 06-01-2016 12:33 AM

Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips
WOW!!! I love sequoia green, for 68 olds I think the color was charcoal grey or something.
Sequoia Green being an almost a gunmetal grey with just a touch of green OVER the ivy gold... AWESOME!!!

I went and got my 68 dealer album out...

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