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R68GTO 12-23-2018 12:55 PM

some more tear down pics....
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Now have all the interior trim out except for headliner related stuff. Good view of original color on the top of the rear quarter widow panel area, as well as factory primer/overspray details on the interior areas. Found some white tags with a "week code?" printed on them. Anyone know why the factory needed those?These were still in good shape though the printing is a little faded. Rear interior panels and watersheds are pretty "minty" yet. With the interior out, was able to remove the driveshaft loop.....a little cleaning revealed the Lakewood sticker:headbang: Also a good view of the primer color on the floorpan.....unfortunately, the PO went crazy with trunk spatter on the whole interior floor pan - guess he thought it was a good idea in 1979?:dunno:

R68GTO 12-30-2018 01:20 AM

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Worked on cleaning the underside of the trunk pan today where the fuel tank used to reside. It cleaned up really nice....found a couple of stamps, one on each side of the centerline of the car. Assume date stamps but can't read them.
Also started cleaning up my buckets seats. I thought they were pretty clean to start with, but it took a while to cut through God only knows how many layers of Armor All. Used Magic Eraser which worked pretty doesn't show as well in pictures as in person, but the RH one is cleaned, the LH is not. Also added a couple of shots of the headrest...still amazed how well-preserved these parts are:biggthumpup: Also included a pic of my speedometer cable. Anyone familiar with this marking? I need to figure out if it's original to the car or not.

R68GTO 12-31-2018 12:33 AM

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Found some more cool stuff today on the car....fuel tank date code of 5 70, horns are dated 9H3 - which I think is 3rd week of August 1969. Also did more work cleaning up the floor pans, they are really cleaning up nicely - it's going to be a tough decision to restore these or not. Included a shot of where the Lakewood drive shaft loop was installed - not much doubt it was installed very early in the car's life, there was no dirt in that area!

R68GTO 01-01-2019 01:37 PM

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Great way to start the new year - I've been following the new Philly COPO find thread (Fast67VelleN20) on this site and saw DW31S's post about joining a Facebook site dedicated to vintage drag racing. So yesterday I joined a 60's-70's drag racing group and posted a pic of my car. When I woke up this morning I saw two new vintage racing photos of my car were posted:headbang:
Looks like both were taken at Edgewater, the poster said they were taken in 1973. A different poster said he knew Doug Davis was an entry at the US National in 1972 & 1973.:biggthumpup:

olredalert 01-01-2019 03:51 PM

----Seriously cool pics. The 69 Chevelle in the backround appears to be getting serious air!......Bill S

Postsedan 01-01-2019 04:07 PM


Originally Posted by olredalert (Post 1428914)
----Seriously cool pics. The 69 Chevelle in the backround appears to be getting serious air!......Bill S

Indeed.....this will be us after the Ribs :)


Postsedan 01-01-2019 04:09 PM

What a wonderful New Years gift to wake up to!

Love the now your game plan to restore and letter her up, just as she was back in 1973?
I would :)


R68GTO 01-01-2019 05:25 PM

Planning to paint it back to Lemans Blue and use vinyl to do the red, white & graphics. Add race stickers on top of the vinyl. The guy that painted it back in 1970/71 said he used a color called "Ice Blue" for the base which is quite a bit lighter than the Lemans Blue (2nd photo really shows that) but I can't see going through all that restoration work and not painting it the correct color.

Copo_Cartel 01-01-2019 08:07 PM

Get it ready for some track time at SCR22 :burnout:

Copo_Cartel 01-01-2019 08:13 PM

Great to see the progress

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