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William 04-04-2016 01:45 PM

ZL1 #7
As raced by Dale Chev circa 1969

camaromb 04-04-2016 03:54 PM

Re: ZL1 #7
If that was Super Hugger's little brother what was Super Hugger???

William 04-04-2016 05:36 PM

Re: ZL1 #7
Bernie Adams '68 Camaro FC. Also sponsored by Dale.

PeteLeathersac 04-04-2016 05:49 PM

ZL1 #7

Awesome pics!!!
Cars today?
~ Pete


William 04-04-2016 08:37 PM

Re: ZL1 #7
#7 is still around far as I know. I found it and the engine in WI 1982. Didn't have the horses to buy both and passed it along to Jim Price. He bought the package and did a nice job on the resto. Jim sold it in the '90s; don't know who owns it today.

I believe Adams raced #7 with an L72. The ZL1 engine ended up in a '67 Camaro &quot;Hares Hip Hugger&quot;.

Tracker1 04-05-2016 12:20 AM

Re: ZL1 #7
HaHa! Was it painted with a brush or roller? It was a brand new car! My goodness.

William 04-05-2016 01:49 PM

Re: ZL1 #7
I saw an original print of that 3&quot; x 5&quot; photo years ago.

Take into consideration that's a 47 year old print, probably taken with a cheap camera. It's been scanned &amp; enlarged. Probably lost some detail.

Stefano 04-07-2016 08:23 PM

Re: ZL1 #7
Kool photo!

Canuck 04-07-2016 08:36 PM

Re: ZL1 #7
Camaro Emblem looks painted over.

napa68 06-11-2016 12:31 PM

Re: ZL1 #7
The ZL1 engine ended up in a '67 Camaro &quot;Hares Hip Hugger&quot;.

Anyone know where this car is today?


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