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m22mike 01-30-2018 03:05 PM

2007 Mustang PJ edition
Ford Guys
Would like your opinion on this car, price, and collectability ? Just looking. I know little about these cars, love the color. :hmmm:
Chevy guy Mike :naughty:

big gear head 01-30-2018 03:36 PM

I love them myself. Very cool cars. A local dealer had one for a little while. I don't know about collectability or future value, but I'd love to have one.

flyingn 01-30-2018 03:44 PM

excellent cars. And this one put out over 600 hp. it was an excellent buy.

Crush 01-30-2018 03:54 PM

Itís gone

m22mike 01-30-2018 05:13 PM

The listing ended, I don,t think it sold. I may call the guy to talk about the car.


markinnaples 01-30-2018 06:22 PM

I've been watching the market on special Mustangs from 2005 to ~2012, and the prices are getting fairly reasonable. I've seen some Saleen's, Roush's, and Shelby's going for low $20's which may be good money once these become (more) collectible.

Xplantdad 01-30-2018 08:35 PM

There was one at Pavilions this past weekend....number 117 I think?

Dave Rifkin 01-30-2018 08:35 PM

Ford also made a Dan Gurney edition which may be more collectible now.

A12pilot 01-30-2018 11:08 PM

Mmmmmm..... if you want a Mustang, you need the Bullitt, Mikey!!!


flyingn 01-30-2018 11:17 PM

I agree. the Dan Gurney is nicer.. Here is one on Bj that sold for $58k 5 years ago

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