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ss427copo 07-25-2015 04:57 AM

Re: Zedder's Red '67 L78
Nice score!

1967Z28 07-25-2015 06:14 AM

Re: Zedder's Red '67 L78
Congratulations on the purchase, Mark.


brent396 07-25-2015 11:00 AM

Re: Zedder's Red '67 L78
Nice find [img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/beers.gif[/img]

iluv69s 07-25-2015 12:01 PM

Re: Zedder's Red '67 L78
Sweeeettt.. congrats Mark !!! interesting w the non-SS steering wheel... hope you find more history on the car,...good luck with it !!!

JRC99 07-25-2015 01:26 PM

Re: Zedder's Red '67 L78
Very cool car.

earntaz 07-25-2015 02:21 PM

Re: Zedder's Red '67 L78
Mark -- check the pinion seal ... looks like grease on the side of the tail pipe and muffler. TAZ

Day2_69Z 07-25-2015 02:30 PM

Re: Zedder's Red '67 L78
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Zedder</div><div class="ubbcode-body">A few more...</div></div>

MQ code is shared in '67 L78 &amp; '69 L72 ????

I could swear in the Rust Bucket '69 COPO Thread next door States. ...MQ for. L72
A misprint or are my eyes really this bad ?

Lynn 07-25-2015 02:52 PM

Re: Zedder's Red '67 L78
Freakin awesome.
I love it when the plan comes together.
I also like to see great cars like this end up in the RIGHT hands, and Mark, you are definitely the one Karma had in mind to be caretaker for this car. Just awesome.

Zedder 07-25-2015 03:23 PM

Re: Zedder's Red '67 L78
Thanks guys...I really appreciate the kind words. The L78's didn't get SS horn buttons, but I have no idea why?

TAZ, thanks for the heads up...I saw that oil but didn't know where it was coming from. I know that I have a number of things to fix like that and the rubber fuel line!

earntaz 07-25-2015 03:38 PM

Re: Zedder's Red '67 L78
What an AWESOME way to keep yourself busy ... enjoy!! TAZ

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