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BonzoHansen 02-08-2021 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by tom406 (Post 1536007)
I agree on the lack of pinch weld blocks-they should be included. The pinch weld blocks are overpriced (IMO) and Iím peeved that the round machined pinch weld blocks I ordered donít have dimples on the bottom to engage with stacking on other blocks like the regular pinch weld blocks do. The small blocks included should just be the pinch weld modified ones instead.

Really? Huh. The rectangular ones do. Not sure which ones i will buy

SeattleCarGuy 02-24-2021 11:03 PM

Very tidy garage. Good job!

Crush 02-24-2021 11:20 PM


Originally Posted by tom406 (Post 1535989)
Theyíre a little more than 6í tall/long when collapsed. Most store them vertically, I recommend just buying their wall hangers-theyíre nice looking and do the job they were designed for. I have them set with most of the weight still on the floor, as recommended. I bought a hose hanger for the hydraulic lines to distribute the hang weight more evenly, and yesterday I built a rolling cart to house the pump and the collection of lift blocks and truck extensions I have for it.

How easy are they to lift and put on the wall?

tom406 02-25-2021 12:32 AM

With the roller wheels on the end, you wheelbarrow them around, carefully hoist it to vertical against the wall, then grab it on the sides and boost it over the hook. I'm not uncomfortable, but I'm glad they aren't any heavier. (I'm 51, just under 6' and 200lbs). They're portable, but you're not going to be looking for reasons to throw them in your truck by yourself.

CamaroNOS 03-22-2021 03:10 AM


Its a compromise for me. No room for a lift. I like it, I don't love it. I wish the controller cable was longer (or wireless). And it's heavy, like 90lbs a side. I still think I might have liked the max jack better, but I doubt my floor is adequate. But when i see a max jack i get a little buyers remorse.
Thank you for educating me about the Max Jack. I too am in a decision process about jacking systems for my shop and this jack is exactly what I need, considering my height restrictions.

A really BIG thank you!!!


tom406 04-07-2021 06:58 AM

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I used the jacks to lift my 1965 Comet to do some undercar cleaning, and I can see some of the limitations mentioned. The unibody isnít symmetrical front to rear, insofar as the best lifting points arenít in line with each other, so itís hard to set the jacks parallel and pick up the points you want. I got pretty close and lifted it off the ground without incident. Access to front and rear sections including suspension is great, middle undercarriage and components less so. My Galaxie has big frame rails running parallel to the rocker, so it should be better, X frame cars are probably a challenge.

jandron 05-04-2021 08:12 AM

I also have a 7000EXT. It is the best garage tool I've ever bought.

tom406 08-27-2021 07:24 PM

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Put my 5700 lb extended cab truck up for a brake job. Using their extenders to get enough vertical lift height. My truck isn’t lifted, 275/55/20 wheels and tires are 6-8” off the ground. Will make this a quicker task for sure.

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