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Baron Von Zeppelin 06-19-2018 02:04 AM

the audacity of some little tiny mouse sneaking into the big bad rat nest !
they just wanted to be a rock star for a little while

I dont know all its heritage - if it has a Big Time winning record local legend on the track - i'd maybe go with Race trim.

If it had a chrysler transmission and a ford rear axle with tubs - i'd go back with Race trim.

Just personally - i'd want a LeMans Blue 4spd COPO first and foremost.
with a rear spoiler, white stripes, and 427 Call-Outs
probably a personalized license plate COPO-427
real low profile and everything. :wink:

True story on that Black/Gold pilot/proto deal - report is they did 2 of them.
No sin rocking that scheme while getting all the pedals back in place and sourcing at least some type of 12bolt axle.


have just the stripes masked/sprayed over in white.
Black /White stripes is really my favorite combo all in all.
Might get less of the " hey thats so&so's old Black/Gold Camaro you're driving aint it "

bbbentley 06-19-2018 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by R68GTO (Post 1405026)
And saw where Black with Gold stripes was the original 69 Camaro ZL-1 pilot/proto paint scheme.
Now why did you have to tell me that? I am already confused enough on what to do with the car... sell it, ...!:confused2:

THAT option above is only viable if I am known in the equation as “buyer”?

Baron Von Zeppelin 06-19-2018 03:38 AM

that car wouldnt bring enough to pay somebody to mow the lawn !

Quit getting Bentley's hopes up :bs:

R68GTO 06-21-2018 01:57 AM

Prior owner photos
3 Attachment(s)
Here's some more photos from prior owners...
Black/gold paint is from owner #7 in the early 1980's. This was taken shortly after he acquired the car. He had not yet added the drip rail trim or removed the big tach on the dash.
The guy washing the car is owner #5. He added the keystones.
The last photo is from owner #2 with the car on his trailer. This would have been 1971/72, prior to accumulating the all speed part stickers

Baron Von Zeppelin 06-21-2018 07:18 PM

1 Attachment(s)
So lucky with these previous owners and their pictures/stories.

Like those Keystones.
Thats what most guys in my area were running on 69 Camaros back in the 70's-80's-90's.

This is my favorite non-stock Keystone look.

R68GTO 06-21-2018 11:23 PM

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Keystone Classics, but those pictures you posted BVZ are just Bad A$$!

69LM1 06-21-2018 11:39 PM

I am a fan of the Keystones!


Baron Von Zeppelin 06-22-2018 12:54 AM

After highschool a friend had a Red/White/White 69 Camaro Vert.
Keystones with white letter tires almost that wide - similar stance etc...
Car was a dead solid [email protected] Magnet / Sex Pistol with a hair trigger.

It was all we could do to keep from hating that sumvabich. :mad:

Car looked like a Valentine Card on steroids , laced with Aqua Velva and English Leather.

Baron Von Zeppelin 06-23-2018 12:08 AM


Originally Posted by R68GTO (Post 1405406)
.. but those pictures ...

Now i know why that was plural , only posted 1 picture there.
Turns out just about every picture i have posted on here so far is double posting onto threads. lol

My user settings don't display pics when i'm logged in.
Came on w/o logging in and saw the mess.

Will try to prevent it , going forward.
sorry for all that

ZLP955 06-23-2018 09:36 AM

Great story, love the suspense as the story builds.....
And that car with the Keystones looks just perfect.

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