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John 08-22-2022 01:20 PM


... You are another True Car Guy !

... :flag::flag::flag:


Too Many Projects 08-22-2022 01:41 PM

And the story just keeps going. So nice of you to share the car with the former owner like that.
You've done a super job on, not only the restoration, but acquiring the history. Hopefully not for some time, but the next owner is going to benefit greatly from all you have done for this car and it's heritage.

R68GTO 08-28-2022 12:47 AM

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More ownership history work completed today. I took the car to Chillicothe, Ohio where 4 prior owners or family members (owner deceased) reside. Then headed over to Lynchburg, Ohio to meet up with the son and wife of the second owner (Doug Davis). Doug is the guy that created Rat's Nest. It was a good day. In order from most recent owner/family to earliest. One owner family member (3rd owner had to cancel)
John Taylor - owned the car from 1981 to 1982 and sold it to DJ Justice who was the guy I bought it from in the prior post.
Terry Walley (deceased in 2018, represented by his wife Laura)
Ralph Willis (deceased in 2021, represented by his daughter Brandy, stepson Chad, and son in law Richard)
Doug Davis (deceased in 2006, represented by his wife Judy and son Denny)

Copo_Cartel 08-28-2022 03:32 AM

Jim ...your passion reaches beyond cars but also to the heart and souls of the families. Congratulations.

Xplantdad 08-28-2022 02:16 PM

Doug, agreed! So cool :biggthumpup:

R68GTO 08-28-2022 10:47 PM


Originally Posted by Copo_Cartel (Post 1599111)
Jim ...your passion reaches beyond cars but also to the heart and souls of the families. Congratulations.

There was definitely some emotions flowing yesterday, especially for those representing the owners that are deceased. I was happy to bring a little joy to them in the form of an old muscle car their loved ones enjoyed very much.

R68GTO 08-28-2022 10:57 PM

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Aside from the human interest happenings yesterday, I got to see a few new snaps of the car from back in the day. 3 new ones from John Taylor in the '81/82 timeframe, and one from shortly after Ralph Willis bought the car ('77/78 timeframe), dropped a drivetrain in it and went racing. According to the guy in the car in the pic, this pic was taken right after they got back from National Trails in Columbus. He said the car had Fenton Super Sharks on it at the time.

RPOLS3 08-29-2022 02:49 PM


dykstra 09-07-2022 10:02 AM

Way cool!!! What a great story. Love the history of these old cars.

R68GTO 10-23-2022 01:20 AM

Ya like pics right?
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Took Rat's Nest back to it's home track from the early '70's early this morning to catch the sunrise lighting on the vintage track sign. Enjoy!!

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