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R68GTO 07-29-2018 06:15 PM

The 2nd owner purchase story initially came from the racing partner and was later repeated by the 2nd owner's wife in a separate conversation.
She was with her husband at Ault & James speed shop (Dayton, OH) picking up parts for his A990 factory lightweight hemi engine when this "college kid" walks in and says has a 427 Camaro for sale. The kid said he couldn't deal with the manual steering and 4 speed. They essentially made the deal on the spot and picked it up a few days later.
I've never asked her the month or time of year, was more focused on trying to get her to remember the college kid's name. Good idea though, I'll update if I get anything.
Car is an 09D build - official production date of 9/26/69. One of the scrapbook photos of the car shortly after it was painted had a "5/70" printed on the back of the photo. I'm not sure how photo paper was produced/used back then or if it is even a date stamp. Paper might have been made in May of 70, but the photo may not have been developed until months later? Dunno.

Copo_Cartel 07-29-2018 07:58 PM


Mr70 07-29-2018 09:07 PM

Inked on dates on the back of,or on the front of old photos were the date the photo was developed at the store/lab.

R68GTO 07-30-2018 12:01 AM

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Here's the photo I was referring to. As you can see, the car is just out of the paint shop. There are leaves on the trees which tells me it's sometime between April and October timeframe. The 5/70 is in the lower left of the back of the photo.

R68GTO 10-10-2018 11:50 PM

Time for an update.....
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It's been a few months since I last posted info on Rat's Nest. Since my last post I've met a lot of great people in the hobby (thanks included below) including a few other Ohio COPO owners - first class people!
Much to my wife's dismay, I've been gathering parts for the car with a goal of bringing it back to how it looked in the early 1970's as an SS/D drag car. I did sell my GTO convertible that I owned for 12 years which made her more agreeable toward my part collecting:grin: As I stated in post 37, I'm not going to try to make this car something it's not so I'm being transparent with y'all so down the road sometime when the car changes hands, it's all documented as to how it got there.

Key pcs. I've sourced thus far:
1969 dated M22 with original GM gears from Dennis V. (DLV4540). Hurst SuperShifter was a facebook find and is the same model as the 2nd owner's racing partner told me he ran in the car back in the day.

Correct dated 4346 carb. Thanks to Eric Jackson of Vintage Musclecar Parts who played a big part in making it run right!

Correct dated BE rear. Many thanks to Frank Arone for being willing to part with this very nice piece! Frank was kind enough to have multi-leaf perches professionally welded on as part of the deal.

Correct dated curve neck from (wrench). It has all original core, tanks, & header plates. Just missing the tag.

bbbentley, aside from being a great "technical consultant" he has provided me many smaller, but correct and important items including survivor valve covers, 621 bellhousing, vintage Hurst roll control, fender braces, booster check valve, ww squirters and other great items.

I also picked up a Lakewood scatter shield & vintage slots to go with my SS/D goal - car still has the original drive shaft loop and traction bars from 1970/71.
So that's the main stuff for my winter project - get it back to a 4 speed with a 4.10 :headbang:12 bolt!

I'm open to opinions on this as I'm not quite sure what to do yet. As you know from my prior posts, the car is 15K+ original miles - the engine compartment (firewall & inner fenders) need to be repainted due to the gloss black applied in the late 1970's. My question is around the core support, crossmember, suspension, brake components, etc., and underside of the car. Should I restore or just clean/de-rust and leave it as-is to maintain the original finishes to preserve that low mileage look?

mockingbird812 10-11-2018 02:18 AM

Looking real good. I like the direction you are taking it. Keep going! :smile:

BTW, not sure if you can receive my pms. I need an update on feedback from Bob A. at MCACN on yr COPO. Doug and I need to finish up planning. You can pm. Or email [email protected] if you like.


bbbentley 10-11-2018 10:10 AM

Someone close to you, Jim, and a well respected authority on restoration that I would recommend is Mike DeAngelo (m22mike). He did Grady’s COPO. I wish I could get him interested in finishing my car? But anything he recommends is how I think you should proceed. Just ask if he is willing to give technical advice.

JBALL 10-11-2018 03:04 PM


Great progress! Let's make sure your car gets a spot at the Pumpkin Run next year. Sorry I missed you and Mike.

DW31S 10-14-2018 12:49 PM

Awesome story and awesome car. I have a somewhat similar car and story and I, too, will be making a transformation back to the "Summer of '69".....even the paint schemes are/were alike. Please allow us to follow your build via pictures and posts. Can't wait to see this one through....

markinnaples 10-14-2018 02:20 PM

Love the direction of your build. I'm not remotely an expert, but to give you an opinion on your question above, if it were me, I would "just clean/de-rust and leave it as-is to maintain the original finishes to preserve that low mileage look" as you stated.

Best of luck.

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