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Steve Shauger 12-13-2018 01:30 PM

737 Driver-Mark Donnally"s 1969 L88 Corvette....
Moved from Members Rides (10/2004) to Supercar Features
This is my 1969 L88 Corvette. One of only a handful originally ordered with sidepipes. Other, mandatory options include heavy duty suspension, posi rear axle (3.70), power/heavy duty brake system, transistor ignition. Also included were tinted glass and heavy duty 4-speed transmission. Documentation includes the bill of sale, two tank stickers, pre-delivery sheet and protect-o-plate. The original title as well as all subsequent titles and a notarized letter from the original owner. Awards to date include: Bloomington Gold, Bloomington Special Collection, Bloomington Gold Hall of Fame, NCRS Top Flight (chapter, regional and national), NCRS Performance Verification and NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence. It scored 98.3% last time out at the National Convention.

I have owned this car for eight years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Wouldn't it be great to have a 69 COPO Camaro to keep it company on winter nights in the garage?

Hope the pics aren't too large. I really enjoy the Yenko sight.

Take care,

Mark Donnally

mockingbird812 12-13-2018 01:45 PM


Thot Mark only had used up 80's Cadillacs 'round his place! ;>)

PeteLeathersac 12-13-2018 02:03 PM


Love to hear anything you can share of its life and owners also who the delivering dealer was?
~ Pete


flyingn 12-13-2018 02:14 PM

VERY nice!

markinnaples 12-13-2018 02:45 PM

Whoosh, that's the pinnacle.

olredalert 12-13-2018 03:02 PM

----Knew you had this, Mark but never have seen it. What a knock-out! Your name came up the other day when I was talking to Jack. Ill tell him your L88 is being featured....Bill S

L78_Nova 12-13-2018 03:25 PM

Would make an awesome addition to 2019 MCACN !!! jus sayin.
Beautiful Car !!

COPO 12-13-2018 04:56 PM

A nasty beast. Great car.

Rumbleguts396 12-13-2018 05:59 PM

The owner is just as Awesome as the Car !!!! Rob Z

m22mike 12-13-2018 08:36 PM

Mark, how you doing ?


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