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original owner 05-06-2010 10:20 PM

Re: December '04 Feature Car
Rick nelson, Bob krueger heres whar I mean all 6 kline yenkos were equipted the same,all had front and rear spoilers, but no fiberglass rear spoiler and trunk lid as some stated before on 2 of these cars from Jay kline chev in 68. the 3 blue yenkos from kline were a much lighter metal flake blue. the picture of the dark blue front fender with the holes under camaro is were the ss emblem was. Accordind to klines records and what I saw was 6 yenkos ,total inventory for 1968, no darker blue ones. that came from steve Kline owners son,and Ihave the purchase orders on all 6 yenkos. thanks Bob krueger.

original owner 05-07-2010 04:39 AM

Re: December '04 Feature Car
To 68Tom, you are 100% correct Island teal is the light blue on the 68 yenko. Just went out and looked at it again. Still have some guilt about what I gave the buyers father for it last year.but then again it did take me hundreds and hundreds of hours to find plus several years ,and there could be 2 more out there, but not in this state. you should try that sport, yenko hunting,it can be done. I can tell you the rules. thanks Bob krueger

original owner 05-07-2010 09:28 PM

Re: December '04 Feature Car
To rick nelson,Done some more thinking about that fathom blue yenko. Klines paper work is in my fathers attic, pick up next week.As I have all the copies of all the paperwork of all! camaros sold by them in 1968. I will start next week looking at them, there are over 240. now that I thing of it good idea I knowImight find some ss or rs 396;s ,also if you could tell me equipt. on car of yours check against the other 6
Cant find vin # list of yenkos could you send me a copy, help on my latest restore. thanks Bob krueger [email protected]

SS427 05-07-2010 10:18 PM

Re: December '04 Feature Car
Memories sometimes fade over 42 years. I outta know!

We know the selling dealer and color for a fact and that is documented though the original owner has eluded us. Any help in that area would be GREATLY appreciated.

The car did not have spoilers from the best we can tell and the trunk lid has never been off. We are not sure what is up with the 5 brazed holes in the lid. No wheel well trim, has blacked out rear panel and SS gas cap, no SS emblems on the fenders as that is where the Yenko badge was and had another Yenko badge on the glove box, 3 Spoked SS steering wheel.

original owner 05-08-2010 05:17 AM

Re: December '04 Feature Car
Rick, done some more research for you and it looks good. holes on trunk lid where spoiler removed. wre you yenko badges mounted with adhesive not studs? I have told people that my new 68 yenko had a yenko badge on left side of glove box and ss emblem un gas cap they told me I was wrong, but there on the pictures when it was new. Does the car have front disc brakes only, does the car have an am radio,no power stering,pontiac ralley 11 wheels,140 m,p,h, speedo,and no other added guages,correct drive train l72 427 450 h.p. on air cleaner,fiberglass hood with open nostrils, and closes with hood pins and clips,m21 4speed,muncie shift lever,black knob,no console,wheels have chrome trim rings with y center piece,plate in door jam reads ys 8011. please call me with these answers. Bob Krueger At 952 9447246 and Ican clear up any doubts you have call a.s.a.p thank you , and I am sure Ican clearup any doubts

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