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Pro Stock John 07-30-2021 05:37 PM

1967 Camaro street/drag LS Turbo
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This is what I started with, I did a trade + got some cash to me, and picked up this 1967 Camaro that was a pro street car. Bought it near Rockford, car was supposedly from Lisle though I've not come across anyone who knew the car.

As it sat, it had a 502 later crate engine, 8-71 supercharger, T350, and a 9" with 31 spline guts. Has full tubs, ladder bars and a 10 point cage.

Pro Stock John 07-30-2021 05:44 PM

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I'm an LS guy, so I already had the motor/blower sold, and as part of the deal we towed the car right when I bought it to a buddy's shop and the driveline was pulled a few hours later.

As purchased the car was sketchy. Wiring harness was garbage, it had drums all the way around and the shocks and suspension was old.

Pro Stock John 07-30-2021 05:53 PM

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Buddy welded up the turbo kit, went in about 3 years ago. I then started wiring the car.

Along the way, I pulled the rear end, which is a super narrowed 9" / ladder bar combo. I decided to upgrade the guts from the 31 spline / supposed posi setup to 40 spline and a spool.

Pro Stock John 07-30-2021 06:09 PM

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Was making good progress, had plumbed fuel system, gotten the car running, swapped brakes, made new brake lines, swapped shocks, front suspension, 9" guts, seats, shifter, wheels, hood, but then ran into rust under the windshield.

So I moved it from my house on the North side of Chicago to a buddy in Mt. Prospect who fixed it up.

Got it home, have been working through a list of final items which included cooling issues. Car is currently with a buddy who is working on cooling system and will do a final go over of the wiring.

I have driven the car an hour straight but it was running warm the whole time.

Goal is a rowdy cruiser that runs low 8s.

I'd be very interested in a grump lump hood if one comes up, I might even get a set of Cragars for this car.

69z2x4 07-30-2021 06:32 PM

I like it a lot!

Pro Stock John 07-30-2021 06:41 PM

Thanks, it's been a lot of work and have gotten great help from friends.

I love the look of 1st gen Pro Stock cars, so I'm interested in any leads for a Grump lump style hood (bolt-on) and even some driver quality Cragars (15x3.5 fronts, 15x14 4.5 rears), maybe would consider Centerlines too.

Xplantdad 07-30-2021 10:01 PM

Neat build!!

Pro Stock John 07-31-2021 01:38 AM

Thanks! Radiator and rearend had 'Hensley Racing' stickers on them if anyone recalls them. My buddy Al and I discussed what the car's history might be. Some of the work )9", ladder bar, tubs) looks like it was professionally built so the car might have been drag raced or it was just a nice pro street build. Someone later in the car's life added the GM MK IV crate motor and blower setup. Was originally F-F, then red, and now yellow.

cook_dw 07-31-2021 02:22 PM

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Cool build. I was on ls1tech for years when I lived in BG, KY and was hot & heavy into LS stuff. I don’t see a CPS on the timing cover so I assume it’s a LS1? What’s the internals? I started to go the same route but never decided on a turbo and ended deciding on a old school tunnel sbc setup.

Pro Stock John 07-31-2021 07:51 PM

Hey Cook, my buddy Tony and I co-founded LS1Tech was a ton of fun.

-5.3 LM7, stock for for now but picked up an LC9 (gen 4 aluminum 5.3) which I have over at Fast Times for forged rods/pistons/crank.
-Stock 799 heads, BTR 660 springs
-Baker Engineering cam, hydraulic
-Holley Hi Ram intake
-Holley Smart coils
-Holley 160 lb injectors
-Shearer a/a intercooler
-Holley Dominator ECU
-FI BW S485/96, bill wheel
-2 fuel pumps, O44 for light cruising and small boost, and Weldon 2345A for big boost

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