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scuncio 09-17-2022 12:28 AM


Originally Posted by Pro Stock John (Post 1600179)
Hmmm are they polished?

No, they are satin.

Pro Stock John 09-17-2022 02:44 PM

Thx I'd nerd out for some polished skinnies. I wonder if those could be polished.

Pro Stock John 09-17-2022 02:45 PM


Originally Posted by chevyman0429 (Post 1600183)
Iv got a set of 15x10 super tricks that are polished that I would sell or trade for a set that isnít polished !

Thx but won't fit my car. I'm runnin 15x12 1.5 backspace wheels in back.

scuncio 09-19-2022 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by Pro Stock John (Post 1600217)
Thx I'd nerd out for some polished skinnies. I wonder if those could be polished.

For sure, I think that would be straightforward if you removed the through-bolts.

Pro Stock John 09-21-2022 05:50 PM

Thanks but Imma hold off.

If nobody gets serious on buying these Cragars I'll look for some front tires and swap 'em on and see how they look.

DW31S 10-01-2022 12:41 PM

Couple things…
Name that car “Rowdy from Dowdy”!
As for polishing satin Super Tricks, I’ve done them and figured out what and what does not work. First of all, they need to be separated and all hardware removed. Before you split the fronts/backs mark them and the center lug hole plates so they go back together as originally constructed. Once they’re apart, clean all factory sealant. Then liberally coat the front half with Easy Off oven cleaner and let it sit in the sun (if possible) for 15-20 minutes. Hose down/wipe clean and then repeat. Once ALL the clear anodizing is removed then you can start polishing. Basically, polish them as you would wet sand buff paint. I usually start with 600 and finish with 2.000. Then buff a couple times with Mother’s. Lastly, I do a final coat by hand with Diamond metal polish/sealant. Once the polishing is to your liking, reassembly is next. I always use clear silicone on the lug plate rings where they meet the wheel disc and then install new hardware (which I have if anyone needs it). Once they’re back together, run a nice bead of silicone around the joint where the front/back parts of the wheel meet. I let this sit for a day, and then lay another bead over that one (a little wider) and then let that sit for a day. Finally, they are done. This procedure is a royal pain in the ass, but it works. I’ve never needed tubes in front or rears after this process.

Pro Stock John 10-01-2022 06:40 PM

Thanks for info. I bought a set of Cragar SST, chrome I would say, back in 1991. I really liked those.

Pro Stock John 12-07-2022 10:12 PM

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Had a good season with my modern day 2 lol...

Next season I'll slap on a fresh set of tires in back and hit GLD. I'd like to run 8's with the current mill.

The new engine is an LC9 will be all forged including the crank and I'll also be using a set of TFS as cast 220s. I might swap a 91mm turbo on it too that will eventually happen. With this new engine I'll be looking to run 7.90s in a cruisable car.

Xplantdad 12-07-2022 10:56 PM

Very cool!

Crush 12-08-2022 12:23 AM

7.90 s!!!!! Wow that would be crazy fun on the street. Let’s hear a video of it running!

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