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Unreal 08-31-2021 08:57 PM

Shelby GT-S
I know this is a forum, mostly about vintage Shelbys, but I thought I'd post anyway,
I just purchased a 2019 Shelby Sixt 6-speed convertible. Sixt is the largest rental car company in the world, but is largely unknown in the US. The collaboration between Shelby and Sixt was to attempt to enter the high performance rental arena, and to also improve brand recognition. Shelby made 20 automatic coupes with 600hp, for rental in LA, Las Vegas, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. They made one 6 speed convertible with 700+ hp (one guy at Shelby estimates 760hp) It is serial # 0001, and was used initially for promotion, and then, I am told, was used by the CEO of Sixt. I have contacted Sixt to confirm.

The selling Ford dealer tried to represent it as one of one, and technically, it is, but I did not pay a premium over any other late model Shelby GT convertible, which are fairly rare.

Nonetheless, I'm still curious what others think about its value, now and future. I know it took a long time for the hobby to recognize the Shelby GT350 H as an equal, and I expect the same may be true for the Shelby GT-S.

I welcome any comments, positive or negative.

AnthonyS 08-31-2021 09:10 PM

Interesting. Did you pull a Marti Report?

tom406 08-31-2021 10:15 PM

Shelby SIXT
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My buddy rented a coupe from SIXT for us to drive in 2019-lots of fun:)

Lynn 08-31-2021 11:43 PM

I would not try to factor in future value. A car is not an investment 99% of the time.

Yeah, everyone can point to a few cars that really paid off over time. Most did not. Even a ZL1 purchased new in 1969 for $10k would struggle to keep up with investments.

Future value is a crap shoot.
I remember guys paying double sticker price for 1976 Cadillac Eldo Convertibles, because there were supposedly the "last American Convertible."

That would be a bit over $22k. If you put that $22k into the a conservative investment, such as a Dow index fund, by 2020 it would be about $605k. Think you can get that for your 76 Eldo?

Also, if you are going to look at the "real" cost of your investment, you must deduct every dime you spend on it. Insurance, repairs, maintenance.

So back to the ZL1. $10k invested in a Dow index fund would today be about $764k.
The ZL1 is looking pretty good... until you factor in the cost of keeping it (garage space isn't free) the cost of operating it, and maintaining it, and the cost to insure it for all those years. Not looking so good now.

AnthonyS 08-31-2021 11:46 PM

^ well said!

Unreal 09-01-2021 12:28 AM


Originally Posted by AnthonyS (Post 1561487)
Interesting. Did you pull a Marti Report?

No, but I contacted Shelby American with the VIN and Shelby serial number, prior to purchase. They confirmed authenticity, and filled in some of the blanks as to why all the promo literature said 20 coupes, and yet there was 1 convertible. It also sat in their Heritage Museum for awhile, before going to Manheim. Once shipment is complete, I'll call Shelby to get a copy of the Shelby invoice. I also have a print of the Ford invoice, but would like to get a better one. I also contacted Sixt executive offices to try to get a statement from the CEO, but I'm skeptical that I'll hear anything back. But you never know!

Unreal 09-01-2021 12:39 AM

Lynn, I totally agree with you. I didn't buy it as an investment, I bought it as a toy, to drive for fun, nothing else.

I said I was curious, as to what others thought about a relatively unknown rental company collaboration with Shelby. According to Shelby, the trial is complete, and there are no plans to build any more. I suspect it will never be any more valuable than any other similar Shelby GT, and probably not do as well as the late model Shelby GT-H.

I did not buy it as part of my retirement plan. Rather I was able to buy it because of my retirement plan.

Again, I'm just curious.

ruralrte66 09-01-2021 01:24 AM

Yes Lynn, So true, I have said that for years, if I would have just put the money away in (something) a account what would it be today. But as life goes on your ideas change. Just my 2 cents.


Lynn 09-01-2021 01:30 AM

And I wasn't slamming your decision to buy. Too many guys see the million dollar muscle car and think they can "invest" in something that will really pay off for them.

I buy cars that I like to drive. If it happens to hold its value, or even appreciate, so be it. I didn't buy any of them as investments.

Looks like a really fun car. Enjoy the heck out of it.

dykstra 09-08-2021 12:36 PM

Super cool car! Congrats. I had no idea of Sixt rental company. Thanks for posting.

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