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Default Sam's (SamsDZ) 1969 Z28- Help the story to continue!

Hi Bruce,

Wanted to see if you could add my car to the Members Rides?

I am from Ventura, CA and purchased this Z about 3 months ago. I believe it to be a legit Z but no longer has the born with 302. Camaro Research Group found the original motor on their orphaned thread for sale (on Craigslist ad back in 2012). I Spoke to Bob who posted it for sale and he sold it to gentleman named Glen from Vallejo CA.

A little more to add Bruce,

I spoke to Bob, the person that had my motor ( V1I15DZ ) up for sale on the Craigslist ad in 2012 and he told me he sold the motor to a gentleman named Glen who was a Petro Engineer in Vallejo CA.

He purchased the motor from Bob at a Good Guys car show in Sacramento around 2012 or 2013. Unfortunately that’s where the search has ended.

The car need a little TLC but it is all there and runs well. I am working on an extra wheel and tire setup for a change up every few months, already have a pair of 15x6 Cragars and looking for a pair of black or silver steel wheels with some M&H Cheater slicks for the rear. Kinda of a “ day 2 “ setup as I love this look and era.

I think is a great site, I cant get enough of all the posts, so much good stuff.

Look forward to possibly finding more details on my Z28 as this story continues.



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