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This is my new rig that Gary has done some fantastic preservation work on! Some general pics of the truck are below for more context (from before Gary's cleanup). That is a gas cap on the front fender for one of the auxiliary tanks. There is another one on the other side.

Real factory 4x4 K10. Original paint and original interior. The short seat was removed years ago and the original owner's family has not found it yet. But I have gotten another one to get recovered as a temporary substitute.

Original 4-speed, transfer case, and axles. Engine has unfortunately been changed from the original 283 to a 66 Impala 327/275. But I will remedy that at some point. I have already found a correct coded long block! Just need the truck intake, water neck and water pump.

Chevy Truck forum shows 330 1965 "barn door" K10 Suburbans were built for the US market (plus 114 for export). And 395 "end gate" K10 Burbs for the US market (plus 38 for export).

So depending on how you split the hairs, either 1 of 330 (US barn door), or 1 of 444 (all barn door), or 1 of 725 (all US of both door types), or 1 of 763 ("all" K10 Burbs). A rare one, however you slice it!! Even rarer not to be worn out and/or rusty, and even more to still be wearing its original finishes.

Props again to Gary on all the careful work, and great results!
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