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Default Continuing the story......

I asked him how it ran. He told me it ran great and was very fast. He told me he hadn’t driven it it two years but hopped in and fired it right up. Man, I tell you, the sound of that 427 firing up inside that closed garage (February in Ohio) made my heart pound - it was awesome! Now I really wanted this car! I wasn’t convinced it was a COPO but it was a very nice clean, original body/interior Camaro with a big block. So I asked him if he would sell it expecting another “not interested”. To my surprise, he said yes! I asked him “what’s your happy price”? I felt the number was reasonable for a low mileage running/driving Camaro, so we made the deal.
Here’s some shots of the car's home for about 35 years and more shots of the car when I got it home.
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