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I went through a few things on the car today and unpacked some of the original parts that came in the trunk. First off is the smog system. Everything is in great shape and the pump is dated October 20 (293rd Day) as per the factory stamp. It has the correct 3932458DA deep groove pulley with the raised stamp outlined as per factory. Smog rails are original and the diverter retains the original GF ink stamp on it. Interestingly, it also has the wire reinforcement on it. Weird for a late date is it not?

I think the ribbed hoses are both original and the Wittek tower clamps look original, but I have not cleaned them to check the dates as of yet. I'm thinking the check valves are also correct but need to look for the part numbers when I get a chance to clean them up with some soap and water. It also has the correct elbow and all of the correct RBW bolts intact as well. I'll need to find original mounting brackets for this kit and once cleaned, I'll put it away with the original smog manifolds for future recall and use if or when needed. All in all some nice original parts that came with the car.

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