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Originally Posted by bilede View Post
So I did the square footage, ceiling height, etc in a couple of lighting estimators online a while back and they estimated I needed between 30 and 36, 5000 lumin lights. I decided to put in 3 circuits of 3 outlets in the center of the main bay so a total of 9 which I can run 4 lights easily from each equaling the 36 required. I hung six of the lights to assist in my work schedule as once dark I was on portable lighting to do any work after sundown.

I believe if I put up all 36 lights I am going to be doing the a clark griswold when he turns on the exterior christmas lights on christmas vacation movie. Blinding and the local power company calling immmediately afterwards. Is this others experience as well??

here are a couple pics. It was pitch black outside when these were taken.
Ill be posting some pics of my project soon, but curious on your lights, LED? What size? Did you put 6 concrete? What are you going to coat your floor with?
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