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While GM dumped the compression ratios in 1971 down to 8.5 to 1, Ford (and Mopar) held out to the end. From what I am learning, in 1972, Ford used an 8 degree retarded crank gear sprocket and much larger combustion chambers on the heads to this drop the compression (and horsepower) on the 460, drastically. This was the truly the end of the Cretaceous Period for engines. The power went from 365 to 245 (212 in '73) and torque from 500 to 342 ft lbs. Even with the SAE to net ratings that was still a helluva drop.

That was the main reason I wanted to degree this cam was to make sure the dealer didn't put on the later retarded timing gear set when they did the water pump repair back in 1998. I guess this was the first thing they actually got right at my Dad's local Lincoln dealer.
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