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I pulled my trusty 3310 Holley off and installed my "mule" 7045228 Quadrajet on Project Hoopty Thursday. I had to swap out the primary throttle shaft for one equipped with a lever for a 350 Turbo kick-down cable, but other than that the swap was relatively uneventful.

Initial impressions: The QJet idles MUCH better than the Holley, and off-idle was silky smooth yesterday--more on that below in a moment. The electric choke on the QJet works perfect--the one on the Holley was a little temperamental at times.

I'll be doing a new mileage loop with the QJet shortly--didn't get to do one with the Holley after the rear end swap--couldn't keep our toes outt'a the grill.

Today I figured I'd take advantage of this brisk fall air to give ol' Hoopty a chance to stretch it's legs a little again.

2.2 0-30 and 5.5 0-60 with the shifter left in drive, 4800 rpm up-shift (need to tweak the governor springs/weights for a 5500 rpm up-shift), and with a bit of a hesitation at the hit. I need to open up the choke pull-off orifice restriction a bit to allow the secondary air doors to open a little quicker. I had the air door spring at 1 turn on the dyno (trying to keep it from going pig rich on initial load) which resulted in one hell'uva bog at the hit in the car. I backed it off to 1/2 turn which made a HYOOGE improvement, but there's still a bit of a sag at the hit.

Nothing I can't tune out with a little more work, all part of the game.

The carb is still a bit lean on idle and off-idle transition--the cool weather today really made this noticeable. Even after idling for ~1 minute with the choke on, it would die when putting it into gear. I had to give it about 2 minutes warm-up time to be able to go into gear w/o stalling.

I gave the idle mixture screws another ~5/8 turns out each to give it a little more fuel off idle and it made a noticeable improvement. I'll probably wind up opening up the down channel restrictions a little further, and I may also restrict the idle air bleed channels a little. Again, nothing a little tweak or two can't cure.

I'm positive this little heap can hit a sub 2 second 0-30 once I get rid of the bog, and with a little more rpm on the up-shift and a couple other minor tweaks I can see a high 4 second 0-60 w/o too much trouble. IMO that's pretty damned good for a mild 358" small block in a driver wagon.

I'm having a ball with this damned thing.

More later.
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