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Default Re: December '05 Feature Car

I need to set the record straight. I sold the car to Ken back in 1976 The car wasn't called the 'Yellow Rose', yes it had a rose painted in black on the trunk with the words 'Sweet Yellow'. I know, I'm the one that removed them. The history I know was minimal, I purchased the car from a gentleman in Shrewsbury which is near Glenville where Ken had his shop. I worked for Ken as a Detailer at 18 years old, I only owned the car a few months Ken bugged me to sell it to him every time I drove it to work. Finally I broke down and sold it to him, tired of the 5 miles to the gallon and feeling it deserved better than I could give it, I had no garage at my house, it had to sit out. That October Ken tried to sell it at Carlisle for $3500 he had no takers, haven't we come a long way since.
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