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Default Re: 71 Baldwin Motion Camaro

I have a friend from Lititz/ Manheim PA that owned this car for a few years in the very early 80's. He's the one that actually bought the car From Car Village after seeing the Article in Hot Rod Magazine. He Had Turquoise 70 LS6 Chevelle that he traded in on it .He was probably only about 18 at the time, So needless to say he got in a lot a trouble with the car and ended up loosing his drivers license. After that he ended up with a High Dollar custom Dodge Van.I kinda remember hearing that he traded the Camaro back in on the van probably 1982 or so ? but im not sure ? he told me a couple years ago that being the car was in his fathers name,that he would still get phone calls once in a while. when the car would be up for sale or people were trying to document prior ownership. when he had the car he put Cragar SST's on it, And I believe he's the one that put the Sun tach in it ?
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