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Default Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips

I have had some inquires about the car and some folks expressed an interest in a turn key solution that included a 'reasonably firm' price on the finished product. After reviewing this with Jason I am happy to try and make this a package deal for the finished car. Of course, what someone may want for the finished product is subject to some discussion.

Perhaps you want a Day 2 look?? or maybe just a nice high end driver?? I have a collection of Day 2 parts including headers, tires, ignition, traction bars, valve covers, etc. So, there are lots of possibilities.

If this type of approach interests you, let me know and we can work it out so it is fair for all concerned.


**a little trivia on this car...the original owner told me he saw the ad for &quot;The Toughest Block on the Block&quot; stop was Bill Campbell Chevrolet [img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/burnout.gif[/img]

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