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Originally Posted by olredalert View Post
----The Buick sponsored by Len Immke brought back some good memories. Len's Buick dealership was once the largest Buick dealer in the world. Not only that but Len bankrolled the guy that started Wendy's mainly because he felt his employees were taking too long for lunch. Ol Len made a fortune off that. At one point Len was also a huge vintage car collector. He kept three separate vintage car dealers alive for many years. I know because I worked for one located on Cape Cod that specialized in vintage Buicks, a real character named Dick Garbitt. I also knew well another supplier of collector cars to Len named Friendly Bob Adams from southern Wisconsin. A really great friend whose son (also a good friend) Bob Adams junior now restores cars in Scottsdale AZ........Bill S
Thanks. Great history. That's one reason I'm posting these photos: to hear the story(s) behind them.

"Old school" is cool school.
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