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Default Re: December '05 Feature Car

When I first got into this years ago I tried to figure out the time frame these things were used and could never sort it out, seems like they were on a car or two just about anytime during production. Very confusing. Some very early cars you would have thought would have them, seem to not have had the rolled tips. Old wives tale was chambered cars got truth to that I can verify. They look great and "could" be correct on any '69 as I see it so go with them if you like the look. I WECOME ANYONE WHO KNOWS MORE ABOUT THESE TIPS. I have talked about them for many years, laid a set on my table at Carlisle many times and nobody seems to really know the deal with these things. One guy swears his '70 SS454 Monte Carlo had 'em new. Only ever heard that once, very strange. Talked to two people that clearly knew what they were, had '69SS cars and both said the lower lip edge rusted out in a year or two from new. I have NEVER seen a single NOS one, anybody else here ever found one ?
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