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Maybe! Autos for Autism at Garden City Middle School is this coming Monday.

Also, my dad's never launched this thing in first. My grandfather did today.

HOLY (censored)! This thing is an animal! I'm still grinning like a goof ball.
The brakes STILL need work (we adjusted them, didn't fully fix the pulling), and it needs a shifter cable, but, MY GOD, it moves!
Also, I poked around a bit underneath it. It has
A driveshaft loop, which makes me feel better, just for the added safety
KYB Gas A Just front shocks (not really noteworthy, but I felt like mentioning it)
And, the exhaust has an H pipe. Which, again, not noteworthy, just something I noticed.
My grandfather's cars:
'67 Chevelle 396/325/PG, Gold (now Bolero Red), 4.56
'68 Camaro SS (454/TH400, possible L78/M22) LeMans Blue, black deluxe interior, black vinyl top. 3.73
'87 Grand National
'89 Mustang GT- Many mods.
None are stock.

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