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Default Low, Sleek and Nasty !

As my user name implies, I prefer an old automobile to look as close as possible to when it came off the assembly line.

BUT, this modified 65 Riviera is an exception.

Charlie, that is one bad ass car you have!

From the long front clip with Buick’s futuristic clamshell headlamps, the beautiful styled wheel openings at all corners lowered and stuffed with an awesome wheel selection. I’m hooked.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been drawn to the 60s cars back when they were new with their unique style. They still flip that switch when they are tastefully done as your car.

The cherry on top for me, is you preserved the Factory Paint.
From 20 feet I’m sure it looks fresh, but soon you detect the patina in that Arctic White from 54 years ago. I’m so glad this is the choice you made.

Thanks for sharing such a Cool Ride !

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