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Default Re: SCR14, now officially set

Donations accepted, and appreciated.

Emilio Chiappetta '10 Nickey-Blackjack
Gary Gerstner- 67 Chevelle (L-88) racing
Bill ?- 67 Z24 ss/427 Impala racing
Tom Clary '70 Yenko Deuce racing
Rob Clary '69 Yenko Camaro racing
Jon Clary '10 Yenko Camaro racing
Tom Clary '69 Yenko Nova
Dan Vasic- 69 Chevelle
Albert Galdi 69 Malibu racing
Jake Dykstra Sr. - '62 409 Impala racing
Jake Dykstra Jr - '72 Chevelle racing
Nickey Chicago
Mike Noun 69 Firebird
Eddie Martin
Dru Diesner
Doug Perry
Bob Gagliano
Dennis Cumby '70 LS-6 Gibb Chevelle
Bob Ashton
Joe Schoenthaler
Kim Howie '70 Gibb Camaro- racing
Kurt Burdick 69 Chevelle racing
Tom Clary
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