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Originally Posted by RogerD View Post
Aug 19, 2009:
Joe - I'm a packrat for sure and I have pictures of my '66 Chevelle SS (3 Polaroids) . . .
I am searching for a fellow from Gallatin who (one early summer evening in 1970 on Hwy 13 between Gallatin and Hamilton, MO) met more than his match. He was driving THE HOT DODGE in Gallatin - believe it was tricked out - never had a chance with my plane/Jane orange V8 Chevelle. . .
Originally Posted by RogerD View Post
October 24, 2011:
Sad news this morning - we learned that Karen's classmate, Ben Houghton, passed away Saturday, Oct 22, 2011

Summer of 1970, the other Race . . .
The other race was just outside Karen's hometown of Gallatin, MO in the summer of 1970 shortly after we were engaged. She and a lifelong friend Janel Reynolds, were riding around with me that summer evening when we were “invited” to race Karen & Janel’s underclassman, Ben Houghton in his strong running Challenger 440 six pack. Junior Burke set it up on Highway 13 between Gallatin and Hamilton. Ben smoked his tires - I eased off the line and then hammered it to the turnaround. Flashing red lights in the distance heading our way halted a rematch . . .
Gallatin Missouri, summer of '70 race remembered

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