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Default Introducing........RAT’S NEST

Newly discovered / now MacNeish certified COPO from where else……..Ohio. I’m a GTO guy as you can see by my sig but always wanted a 69 Camaro. Started seriously looking last fall to get a gauge on pricing, condition, etc. I really wanted an RS/Z28 but found those all to be more than I wanted to spend.
I recalled a conversation I had with a coworker back in the early 2000’s about a Camaro he owned with low miles. We discussed the car off/on over the next few years - I only saw the car once briefly at a local car show. Black Camaro with gold Z28 stripes and an automatic. I thought to myself at that time - eh, not a real Z since it was an auto. The coworker had retired years ago so we lost touch. Fast-forward 15 years……through a mutual coworker I got his number and gave him a call. He still had the car, but didn’t want to sell it. We discussed the car and he told me that he owned it since the early 1980’s it had a 427 / turbo 400 and it only had 15,000 original miles. He was not interested in selling it.
I told him that if he ever decided to sell it, to give me a call. For the next week, I couldn’t get this car off my mind thinking that even though it was an automatic (I wanted a 4 speed), it would be a great car to build off of if the low mileage claim was true……which I was very skeptical about. The next weekend I called him to ask if I could just come look at it and hopefully I would see something I didn’t want so I could stop thinking about it since he didn’t want to sell anyway. He agreed so I went the following weekend. Stay tuned....
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