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Originally Posted by R68GTO View Post
Pinion yoke - is it correct? Some research I've done says the u-joint should be held in by straps and bolts instead of u-bolts? Found some more paint dabs on the ends of the axles, white in the center and 3 orange dots on the flange. Anyone see that before? I ask because the rear side of this housing was painted orange so don't want to duplicate if it was part of that paint job.
Also curious what the "58" represents above the cast date tag on the housing. Anyone know?
R68GTO: You are correct that the u-joints were held by straps & bolts for the '69 model year rears. The rear of the axle housing painted orange and the orange dots on the axle flange were done later by an owner as the dots are holes in the rear brake drums, (rear drums were probably painted orange also). Don.
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