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Post WANTED: Rajay Turbo Memorabilia

Hey all... a few years back MosportGreen66 posted about a big batch of Yenko memorabilia he was selling. It centered around Rajay turbos. Here's what he posted he had:

"This is the proposal Rajay Turbo Chargers authored to General Motors in hopes of working collaboratively with both GM and Yenko Chevrolet on the Yenko Turbo Vega project. Included in the proposal are detailed explanations of fuel economy, durability, exhaust emissions, and performance for turbo charger in the Yenko Vega. Continually, there are photos of the Rajay plant, the Turbo motor, and 2 original, dated photos of a yellow 1971 Yenko Vega @ SEMA'

The pictures are no longer hosted on Photobucket and I was wondering/hoping if anyone had viewable pictures of them and/or if you were the buyer, had them accessible somewhere. I'm researching how the Yenka Vega Stinger came about and this info would be most helpful. Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks so much!
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