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Originally Posted by TAR6569 View Post
The factory invoice should show it. Interesting that it does not. Probably a goof at the plant. The cost for Z24 is with L36 included. Should have shown L72 separately above M21. Wonder if the dealer saved some $ because of that and I wonder if there is a cost difference compared to the order form. Would be interesting to see. The Z24 ECL code AB is correct for L72. This car is one of 273, 69 SS427's with the L72!

Next thing to look for will be the build sheet. Since the interior is original, almost a guarantee there is at least one if not more. Either back seat half, under both bucket seats and inside the bucket seat backs are all places Wilmington left them. Nice it's a Wilmington car so you should find one. I've been working on deciphering the codes so it would be a good example to see!

Real glad to add this one to the SS427 registry. It's the 100th US built 69 Z24 in our list!
So if there were 546 L72 engines in total produced for 1969 in full size cars, then exactly half ( 273) ended up in SS427 cars and the remaining 273 were spread across all models ?
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