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Originally Posted by NorCam View Post
Couldn't agree more with that suggestion Rich. I bought a 70 RS Z a few years ago that was beautifully restored but had a TH400. Drove it a few times and found it pretty boring. I sold it off before the season ended. In fact, there have been a couple solid lifter cars come my way since then that were very good opportunities, but passed on both solely based on the cars being automatics.

Sticks are so much more enjoyable to row through the gears with regardless of the year or horsepower. Automatics are for when you can no longer push a clutch in.

I have too strongly disagree about a automatic being boring. Iíve owned a 70 Z now for over 20 years and shifting from first to second around 6000rpm with that snap of second gear from the Cw code transmission is a thrill. I also have M22ís and thereíre fun too. Variety is the spice of life.
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