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Default Re: 1 of 617...Gold Chicken Lips

Update 4/30/16...with a little help from Jason Hale the nose is back on the car. We sorted out the parts again to get things better organized. I spoke to the former owner recently and he refreshed my memory on a few of the details on the car. [it has an interesting history [img]<<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/rolleyes.gif[/img]] The car will be moved soon to the main shop for ease of access...engine is headed to the machine shop for a 'tech check' and dyno run...M22 tranny has been gone thru and has a clean bill of health.

I will prepare another photo shoot with all the parts, 6k mile interior and paperwork, stampings, etc. If you know someone who wants a rare car...this is it. 1 of 167 1968 L78 Novas that were equipped with an M22.

More to follow..thanks

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