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Originally Posted by TomP View Post
So that explains why COPO sales were slow!
Was the white Chevelle SS396 sedan a Musallem car?

Another question, since Canadians seem to abound here. Did local Pontiac dealers sell both Beaumonts and GTO's together in the 64-69 era? In old pictures it appears they only had the Beaumonts. I recall as a little snotlicker seeing a new GTO Judge at the Victoria dealership but that was after Beaumonts were phased out. I don't recall seeing GTO's before that but I was also even younger.
You could buy a GTO from 64 - 68 in Canada, but they were pretty expensive, so they were few and far between. 69 was the last year for the Beaumont, and the first year for plentiful and affordable GTO's.
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