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Default Cleaning Comfort Weave seats...

Comfort weave seats are actual individual tied little knots and thus the seats are EXTREMELY porous, they will take in everything that is spilled on them, every bit of oil grime and grease on your clothes or skin... PLUS years of Armour All and whatever else lands on them...

Because the REAL comfort weave is not manufactured any longer, the ability to refurbish original seats becomes even more important for original cars.
I had done a 69 SS Convertible with Dlx interior which came out beautifully so I knew the possibilities.

First I used a foaming bathroom cleaner(KABOOM or Scrubbing Bubbles), Spray on then using an old toothbrush lightly brush in small circles, side ways and back and forth.
Then using dilute 30 volume peroxide and a non foaming detergent pre-treat the comfort weave, NEXT extract everything with steam and commercial carpet vacuum until the extracted water runs clear... (it has an acrylic window so you can see what is being extracted.)

The first set are of my 71 corvette seats, the second are some Neutral Comfort weave for the 73 RSLTZ I am restoring.
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