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At our other house I started out with a 2 post from Greg Smith. It was a small 7,000 lbs unit that I wanted for working. Never was 100% happy with it. It couldn't lift my pickup truck that scaled at 5500 lbs. but it worked okay on the cars that were 4,000 and less. Never any serious issues with it other than that.

So 12 years ago I bought a 12,000 lbs 2 post from Superlifts and it's been absolutely flawless and used on a regular basis.

I'm now getting ready to buy a pair of 4 posts to use mainly for storage purposes. I'm going to buy those from Advantage when they have the show specials coming up at Goodguys and Barrett Jackson. Plus they keep a warehouse local in town so easy to pick up and take home.

After looking at them for a while I've just been more attracted to the robust features of the Advantage, and find them to be very similar to the Back Yard Buddies that have had a great reputation.
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