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Default Re: SCR13 update 7-8-2010

Judging by the list, and from what I am hearing about a few folks "super tuning" their cars for the event, the drag racing portion of the reunion will be quite interesting, including a new player or two in the Deuce shootout.

Jamie Jarvis- '70 Yenko Deuce
Mike Slaughter '67 Yenko Camaro
Joe Anglin '69 Yenko Chevelle
Frank Radake 69 Yenko Chevelle
Rob Clary 69 Yenko Camaro
Tom Clary '70 race car
Dru Diesner 69 Yenko Camaro
Kim Howie '70 Gibb Camaro
Marlin Spotts '70 Yenko Nova
Ed Lis '75 TA Yenko L-88
Dru Diesner 69 Nova
Grady Burch '67 Camaro
Mike Angelo '69 L-78 Camaro
Nancy Gibb 2010 Gibb Camaro
Jon Clary 2010 Yenko Camaro
Nickey Chicago
Bob/Nancy Lionberger 2010 Gibb Camaro
Bob Ashton super-duper Nash

Tom Clary
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